How to Hang Your Decal


Step 1:  Decals hang best on flat or untextured walls.

Step 2:  Unroll poster. Kindly note: any wrinkles will smooth upon unrolling and hanging.

Step 3:  Hold the poster in front of your desired location on the wall, making sure it is even. (We recommend using level and making guide marks as necessary.)

Step 4:  Peel the backing off of the decal and place to your guide marks. Working from one side to the other, little by little, evenly press the paper to the wall. (When peeling the backing away, be careful around the edges to avoid paper cuts.)

Step 5:  Gently press the poster into the wall to secure it in place.

Step 6:  Not quite even? No problem. The decal can be repositioned by gently removing the decal from the wall and repeating steps 3-5 above




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