Committed to Sustainability

We care about every detail that goes into our product. We care about the impact that we have on people. We care about the impact on the communities we live in. We care about our impact to the planet. Everything we make, we craft to last with the belief that better made things create a better made future for all.

At Home Room / 325, that extends to our belief that if you buy better made products, you keep and use them longer and create less of a wasteful impact on the planet. With our artwork, the paper Home Room / 325 sources is printed on sustainable materials that are derived from recycled fibers. The paper is environmentally responsible, and its construction supports two LEED credits.

The paper is tear-resistant and manufactured with a canvas like texture to give it a true textile-like wall-covering appearance. It is both FSC Certified and Green Seal Certified, and the final coatings are PVC free. All inks used in the printing are also tested and certified as non-toxic.

We are committed to sustainability and as our company continues to grow, we will continually work with our manufactures to ensure that we are utilizing the best products and manufacturing processes available to minimize our impact to our neighbors, our communities, and the natural environment.

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