Volunteer at Your Local Food Shelter

How to Get Involved in the Fight Against Childhood Hunger
Hunger is a daily reality for a heartbreaking 795 million people around the world. The most vulnerable are often children, who depend on proper nutrition to grow and develop mentally and physically. Unfortunately, meals served at school are the only meals many children eat all day.
Feeding Children with Home Room / 325
Our family’s passion for ending childhood hunger started when our son Rowan was two years old. While out walking one day, we passed a soup kitchen, and he asked why so many families were waiting in line. When I explained to him that they were in line to get a warm meal because they did not always have one, Rowan immediately asked if he could go serve them the meal. 
His desire to serve at such a young age touched us so deeply that we were inspired to use our backgrounds in design to create Home Room / 325 so we could help feed children in need.  
Now, with every purchase you make, we are able to provide meals to children. Thank you so much for helping us in the fight against childhood hunger!
How to Volunteer at Your Local Food Bank
By getting involved with our local food bank, we have been able to take an active role in feeding our community. The food bank welcomes child volunteers, so we organize service times with our friends. Together, we pack boxes of food, count beans, and complete other child-friendly tasks.
If you are interested in volunteering at a food bank, the Feeding America nationwide network of food banks is a great place to start. Feeding America secures and distributes 4.3 billion meals each year through food pantries and meal programs throughout the United States and leads the nation in the fight against hunger.
You can find your local US Feeding America food bank here
Feeding America food banks do not always list volunteer opportunities for younger children on their websites, but we have found them willing to accommodate younger children when we have called and requested it.
Children’s Hunger Fund is another great network of food banks that welcomes young volunteers.
However you choose to get involved, you’ll make a difference in the lives of hungry children.

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