Locally Made

At Home Room / 325, we combine the skills of our small in-house team with the collective strength of collaborators throughout the US to deliver quality products worth investing in.

How It All Starts

The creation of each artwork starts with the basic idea within our small in-house studio. We then create a concept sketch, and continual refinement through hours of hand-drawing the final artwork. Once we finish the design for each piece, we do several test runs with our printer to fine tune every element and check for quality. Our printer has been printing in the US for over 25 years is certified and part of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership.
In our own effort to minimize waste and create a sustainable, on-demand approach, each print is custom made once the order is received. As it rolls off the printer, each piece of artwork is hand trimmed to the exact size, and for posters that hang on a dowel rod, each pole pocket and wooden dowel rod is hand assembled.

Once each piece is hand assembled, the order is packed with care and shipped to your home.

Let us know if you have any pieces of artwork that would be particularly helpful in your own homeroom. Say hello! hello@homeroom325.com
Read more about our commitment to sustainability here.

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